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To help document the development of Faded I’m going to create a series of developer commentary videos. In these videos, I will discuss my current progress and what my plans are going forward. I will also be creating a time-lapse video which shows the entire development from start to finish. In previous projects I’ve documented my code extensively, but for these shorter games I don’t think this will be particularly useful. Immediately below you will find some screenshots of the final prototype along with a gameplay video. To play this prototype, you can use the button above. An updated version of this prototype is also available in my GDD.


Developer Commentary


Here you can watch the entire 12-hour development process of Faded condensed into 36 mins.

Development Reflection

Developing Faded was initially quite a slow process. It took me a lot longer to get going than I was expecting. I think this slow start was because I hadn’t been coding for quite a long time. Even very basic stuff was slightly harder than it should have been. Thankfully, this didn’t last too long and after a short while I was back into the swing of things. To prevent this from happening again, I think I will try to keep coding during the longer breaks between projects. After this initial hurdle, the development was fairly simple. I found that I was able to utilize a huge amount of prior knowledge from my work on SOUNDeSCAPE. Working solo on this project meant that I had to create my own assets, something which I haven’t really done in any significant way on previous projects. Although very basic, I think they are able to convey a mood and atmosphere to the player quite well. Overall, I’m really happy with how the story, music and aesthetics work together.

Prototype Feedback

I wanted to get some feedback on the prototype so I sent the web version to the rest of the group via Facebook and Slack. Thankfully, it was received with almost universal praise which I wasn’t expecting to say the least. I guess when you work on something solo it’s quite difficult to self-evaluate. It was great to see that the game had an emotional resonance as well, something which I think is key to the experience:

Adam also had a chance to play the prototype himself and offered some very valuable feedback. He felt that the fading character and invisible dialogue happened quite abruptly. Claudia also had a similar feeling as well, I think some overall finessing of the prototype will definitely help to alleviate this issue. If I was to continue developing it, I would consider altering the script and making the transition slower. Aside from this abruptness, Adam felt the story was evocative and the whole experience was quite effective. He has also been soliciting feedback on Faded from other Slack channels and been conveying the responses to me. It has been great to see people outside of games responding to the prototype:

Friends have also been sharing the game and getting feedback on my behalf:

“The prototype is good and has a clear message. The one thing i would Change from a personal perspective is centre the text a tad more or raise it so that its slighy clearer against a darker background. The idea and topic themselves are good and do make a valid point.” – Garrick (male)

“Personally, it gets your point across well enough to make me feel slightly uncomfortable/sad. Which I guess in a sense is what you want right? The text isn’t hard to read which i’m glad for, but maybe add an effect to the text to make it seem like either thought or voice. like letters going up one by one or something silly like that. Then again I’m not 100% style theme. The people walking past was honestly how most people are now a days so works. And the little booty shake makes me giggle.” – Sam (female)

“Story was a bit too common, but the music I enjoyed. It fits the story’s theme.” – Savoki (female)

“I liked the story, very simplistic in a good way, the overall theme fits the story and the wholeness of the project is very solid. I’d love to see a gradual change in perhaps the colors of the main character, a bit further than the pulsating colors. Otherwise, a bit more length would be good, but that’s moreso a matter of opinion.” – Guy (male)

“music fitted game and theme well, ending was good with the “hello?” but could expand on story more.” – Jamie (Male)

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