I’ve chosen to document the development of my SleepClear GDD in the same way as I have with my prototypes by using developer commentary videos. You can find these videos and my development reflection below. To view the completed GDD you can use the button above.

Developer Commentary

Development Reflection

The development of my GDD was quite a complicated process and took a lot longer to complete than I was initially expecting. At the outset, I didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to have my prototypes playable from within the GDD itself. However, once I had managed to figure this out, the development went a lot smoother. As a finished product, I think it does exactly what I need it to. I’m especially glad that I included my prototypes because I feel like they help to convey what kind of game SleepClear will be.

Throughout the development of the GDD I’ve felt like it was quite difficult to summarise my research on homelessness. I have quite a large amount of information due to the five weeks of research which commenced this semester. Choosing which issues to highlight was quite a challenge, but I feel like I’ve managed to strike a good balance in the end.

Overall, I’m really happy with the final outcome and I think it manages to provide a decent summary of my research in a condensed and easily understandable package. In terms of a Game Design Document, although not highly detailed, I feel like my GDD manages to convey the idea behind SleepClear and the experience I would like to create.

GDD Feedback

Once my GDD was in its final state I was able to present it to the rest of the class. The response I got was really positive, especially in regards to the interactivity that my GDD allows the player. Once I had finished my presentation I got quite a large round of applause which was reassuring to hear. In terms of negative feedback, I haven’t really received that much, except for compatibility issues related to how different browsers support WebGL. To see how I’ve responded to feedback during the course of development, part 4 of my developer commentary offers the best example.

FMP Planning