Play Tilted

As I did with Faded’s development, I have documented the entire development process of Tilted with time-lapse and developer commentary videos. Below you can see some screenshots and gameplay of the final prototype. To play Tilted use the button above. The updated version is also available from my GDD.


Developer Commentary


Here you can watch the entire 16-hour development process of Tilted condensed into 48 mins.

Development Reflection

Unlike Faded’s development, Tilted’s actually got off to a good start! After the first day I had coded all of the core mechanics and had the prototype playable from start to finish. However, after this good start, I began to get bogged down in trying to perfect the game’s controls. I also got caught up in creating music for the prototype. I was trying to write some guitar music as I had done on Faded, but it just wasn’t coming together. Eventually, I decided to create some ambient synth music instead. My work on SOUNDeSCAPE really helped me out here as I was able to produce some nice results fairly quickly. To accompany the music I also created some sound effects for the character as well. In total, I think I wasted about three hours messing around with the music. Despite this, I think the development really went well and quite quickly all things considered. The entire development was a little over 16 hours. I think for my next prototype I’m going to try to focus on the core aspect of the game and not the window dressing as much.

Prototype Feedback

As I did with Faded, I sent the prototype around on Facebook and Slack to get people’s reactions:

Adam also gave me some good feedback on the UI and how many deaths it takes for the story to start kicking in. He also suggested that the tutorial text shouldn’t be the same as the story text because this messed up the affordance that the text gave him. Once I looked up affordance, I agreed with him.

Here is some feedback from friends of friends who have also played the prototype:

“This triggered me hard, damnit man.” – Savoki (female)

“The text was hard to actually notice, only when I alt-tabbed and scrolled down was when I seen it in the end. Look at Thomas was Alone – you could get inspiration from it and maybe look at Shift – a flash gam on kongregate. I like it none the less.” – Jamie (male)

“I think it can be a hard game, but i’m unsure what it has to do with the homelessness issue you are trying to actually get across. I think I could enjoy it in the end though, i’m a bit odd with games but it’s cool.” – Jordi (male)

Overall, I think I’ve got some great feedback on Titled and I think I will probably update the game with a few changes. Including changing the location of the story text and reducing the amount of deaths it takes for the story to start displaying. I think there’s also room to make the connection with defensive architecture more apparent as well. Although, I’m not going to mess with the prototype too much because it’s not really a priority right now.

Formative Feedback