Week Twelve

Week twelve will be my final reflective summary of this semester. My hand in date is next Friday, but thankfully, I’ve managed to complete most of my work already. This means that I’ll have plenty of time next week to prepare my portfolio and improve my submission.

Tuesday was the deadline for my creative writing work. Despite completing my portfolio a few weeks prior to my deadline, it still required a lot of proofreading and editing to get it to a standard which I was happy with. Thankfully, on Tuesday I had managed to hand in a portfolio which I am very proud of. Next semester, I will have a reflective journal module which requires a 4000-word essay. I feel like if I take the same approach with this module as I have with my creative writing, I will also be in a good position this time next semester.

Now that this deadline was out of the way, I could focus on completing my GDD. My goal at the start of this week was to have it completed by Friday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware until Thursday that we would be required to give a presentation about our GDDs. Luckily however, I had managed to complete it by Thursday which meant I still had enough time to work out a short presentation.

Despite the short notice, I felt like my presentation effectively conveyed the idea behind my GDD well. The feedback I received from the group was quite positive, so I’m hopeful that it will prove to be an effective “Games Design Document.”

When I look back on the semester in its entirety, I feel particularly proud of myself for the work I produced during the research phases. In previous projects, it was always one of my weaker areas, so I feel particularly happy to have improved my skills. I must admit, that when I found out that the first half of this semester would be spent researching, my heart sank slightly. Research is not something which I’ve really enjoyed doing in the past and I would much prefer to be coming up with ideas and learning to create new things. Instead of letting my disappointment get the better of me, I endeavoured to improve my skills and approach the challenge with an open mind. This attitude eventually allowed me to come up with the ideas behind my two game prototypes. These ideas were a direct outcome of my new research skills. If this semester has shown me anything, it’s that effective research can make all the difference.

When I reflect on my GDD, I feel like it encapsulates all of my research really well and gets the key points across effectively. Its interactive nature allows the viewer to engage with the subject matter and my prototypes show them an example of what my FMP might be like. Although not specific about game details, I feel like the themes and issues I want to address are clearly laid out.

Overall, I feel like this semester has been a huge success for me personally and provided me with many opportunities to improve myself. These opportunities have allowed me to gain new skills which I think will benefit my work in the future. I’m hopeful that I will be able to continue in the same way next semester when I start work on my Final Major Project.