The Questions

For phase two of my research I have chosen homelessness to be my subject. I feel like it offers a lot of potential with various topics of research. Especially interesting to me is how small changes in the way we govern can have unforseen consequences for the most vulnerable among us, those at the very edge of society.

In comparison to my other starting points, homelessness is perhaps the most defined. This means I should be able to concentrate my research appropriately, and not have to worry about my subject being too broad.

To begin with, I’m going to brainstorm some questions about homelessness which I will use to base my research around:


This brainstorm helped me to surface quite a lot of questions, however all of them can be boiled down to three primary questions.

  1. What is homelessness?
  2. What causes homelessness?
  3. What can be done about it?

Each of these questions contains within them many others, but I feel like answering these three will get to the very heart of the issues around homelessness.

While I’m searching for the answers to these questions, I will also be looking for artists who have explored homelessness within other mediums. This could be through documentaries, fine art, sculpture, photography and whatever else I can find. I’m interested to see what kinds of issues these artists have identified and also what, if anything, their work says about the subject.

What Is Homelessness?