Keeper Design

The process of designing my NPC guards, now named Keepers, was exactly the same as my process for creating my player and companion characters. First I sketched out some ideas:

I wanted to create a character that was imposing, but not too disimilar from the player. Once I had a design I was happy with, I created a version using cardboard and cut out the body parts:

Keeper Cutout

I then photographed the cutout:

Keeper Photograph

And created an asset from this photograph:

Keeper Asset

I then assembled the character in Unity:

Keeper Test

Because I have more experience with creating characters in this style I am now able to do so faster than I was before. I now know how to avoid some of the problems I was facing when I first started experimenting with this style. I’m really happy with the Keeper design and I think with animations it will really come to life. I have created an idle animation so far, but I would like to create more if I have the time. However, I now have more important things to consider. Next, I need to think about audio.

Sound Design