Art Style

To help me visualise what Denizen’s art style might look like, I’ve collected images that I feel represent the kind of look I want to go for.

Suprisingly, wooden materials are a common feature of the images that I’ve collected so far. My original plan was to primarily use paper and cardboard materials to make the visuals of Denizen, but I may also find some uses for wooden materials as well. Boxes also feature prominantly, I’m not sure why but I gravitated towards work that was contained within a structure. I can imagine levels which are created from a series of interconnected boxes, each distinct from one another.

Louise Nevelson

One artist that stood out to me was Louise Nevelson. I was not familiar with her work so I decided to do a bit of research and collect more images:

This 1959 piece entitled Black Wall is currently in Tate Modern:

Black Wall 1959 by Louise Nevelson 1899-1988

There’s only so much that an image can tell you about a sculpture, so the next time I’m in London I may have to go see it in person.

Collecting these images has provided me with some great inspiration for the art of Denizen. However, I want to start thinking about what the best approach would be to implement these kind of visuals.

Art Implementation