Phase one of semester two began with a workshop on branding with Derek Yates. In semester one I had read a chapter of Derek’s book: Communication Design: Insights from the Creative Industries to try to understand more about branding while I was creating the logo for SleepClear. However, despite multiple attempts, I struggled to come up with an interesting design for the logo. This time however, I’m hoping to create a cohesive aesthetic for my Final Major Project which encompasses all aspects of the game’s visuals, including art style, logo and UI. My goal is to create a cohesive identity and principles which will help me throughout the entire development of my FMP.

Personally, I found the workshop itself to be quite difficult. First, we had to brainstorm the themes surrounding our FMPs and then chose six keywords from the brainstorm which we would then use to create the basis of a design toolkit:


The brainstorm above is essentially what I had managed to achieve by myself, but luckily Adam was on hand to help out and together we managed to come up with some further ideas. On the whole though, I was unable to create any meaningful outcome from the workshop. Although, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. At the end of the workshop Derek gave us his thoughts about each of our projects and offered some great insight for mine:


After briefly explaining the concept of my FMP, he gave me some new keywords which he felt were more appropriate for my project.

  • Protection
  • Support
  • Security
  • Loss
  • Shelter

Along with these keywords he also suggested some ways in which I could convey them in my branding. For security and protection he suggested that I incorporate rigid structures, including underlines and boxes. He then suggested I could juxtapose this rigid design with a more broken or unsupported design which could highlight the feeling of loss I wanted to convey.

A New Name

Inspired by Derek’s suggestions, I decided to start work on the brand for my game by first trying to come up with a new name for the game using the keywords he gave me. I was planning to use SleepClear as the name for my FMP, but now I feel like the direction of my project has changed so much since the beginning of semester one, that I now need a new name:



With these new keywords in mind, I managed to come up with Denizen as the new name for my game. The process by which I arrived at this name can be seen above. The definition of Denizen is:

A person, animal, or plant that lives or is found in a particular place.”

It can also mean:

A foreigner allowed certain rights in their adopted country.”

I feel like this name is really well suited for my game given the kind of themes which I’m looking to explore. With my new name found, I decided to start sketching some logo designs using some ideas from the brand workshop.

Logo Sketches