Logo Iteration

Below you can see my design process for creating Denizen’s logo. I used the fonts from my UI tests and incorporated my initial logo ideas from my sketches:


Menu Test

I was struggling to choose between my favourite logos so I tested them out against a new main menu design. This new design uses the Mountain Retreat font from the ones I sampled earlier.


I like the tall letters and elongated door in this logo, but I think it’s perhaps a bit too bland.


Most of my favourite designs used the Surabanglus font. I think its crooked letters and bent serifs work well for my game’s themes. This iteration replaces the I with a simple red door.


Here I’ve added some background smoke effects and some light streaming in from behind the door. I quite like it, but it kinda looks like a Goosebumps cover. I think the smoke gives it a spooky vibe which isn’t quite what I’m going for.


I like the contrast in this logo, but I think I prefer the others.


I don’t think the 3D letters add much here.


The Logo


This is my favourite design so far and the one which I have decided to take forward. It may undergo more development in the future, but I think the core of this design will remain through subsequent iterations.

Now that I have a logo and a main menu complete, I need to start thinking about what my characters and environments will look like. My plan is to use found objects to create the art style of Denizen so I’m going to find some inspiration by searching for artists who use found objects in their work. My goal is to get an idea of what my game could actually look like. I have yet to design any characters so I’m going to be focussing primarily on the environments. I will then use this to inform how my characters will look.

Art Style