Logo Sketches

In response to the feedback I received during the brand workshop, my initial logo designs utilized underlines, boxes and thick letters. Below you can see the development process which eventually coalesced into a definite theme. This theme features uppercase tall white text, doors and the red letter I.

Favourite Designs


My two favourite designs both include an opening door in the centre. I quite like this feature because it gives the logo a nice symmetrical quality and suggests an invitation of some kind. The doorway can also represent the beginning of a journey or a transition. Perhaps a combination of these two designs is what I will end up with. However, I’m not sure which I prefer, so for the time being I’m going to move on to the UI and return to the logo later. Switching tasks like this will hopefully prevent me from feeling bogged down. My plan is to incorporate the designs and emerging themes from one task into the next. Hopefully, this will allow each aspect of the game’s design to influence the other, thus making the overall visuals feel much more cohesive.