To help me test out some UI ideas, I created a placeholder menu in Unity and then sampled some fonts to see what kind of style I liked. I primarily searched for tall and bold fonts as well as handwritten and sketchy ones. In line with the current logo design, I also highlighted the letter I and created a script to allow the game to do this automatically should I wish.

Favourite Fonts

I chose my favourites from the 52 tests and ended up with four fonts that I felt were representative of Denizen’s themes.


This font has a nice tall and handwritten look, but also retains readibility. It’s quite similar to the Mountain Retreat font.


Mountain Retreat

I think I prefer this over Amatic just because it’s slightly taller and has a more consistant height between letters. Otherwise, they are pretty similar.


Paradise Lost

This font has a very distressed look which I quite like. It’s probably not well suited for long text, so I will have to use it sparingly. When I revisit my logo design I may create a few iterations using this font.



I love the crooked nature of this font and the varying height between letters, but I’m not sure if it will fit with my theme.


Now that I have a few fonts to work with, I decided to return once again to my logo design. My plan is to create a few digital iterations to see how my current logo evolves.

Logo Iteration