Companion Design

First, I did a quick brainstorm to refresh my memory on what the fundamental aspects of my companion concept was and which traits I should emphasise in their design:


I then began sketching ideas:

My designs focussed on recreating the shape of a house using the negative space between the companions legs. Each of my designs was centred around this core feature and evolved from that initial idea. I eventually settled on two designs, but couldn’t decide between them, so I transformed each into a game asset and created some test scenes in Unity. First, I drew the companion designs on cardboard and then cut them out:

I then photographed the shapes:


And created assets from them using GIMP:

Finally, I recreated the characters in Unity and tested them with different eye shapes:


I was quite pleased with the last image, although I didn’t quite like the circular eye shape and the legs felt slightly too narrow. I created another version with better proportions and settled on a design which I think works well as the player’s companion:


This is by no means the final design, although I think it’s one which represents the essentials of what I want my companion to look like. Later developments will likely add more colour and perhaps change a few details, but on the whole I think all subsequent designs will derive from this one.

Now that I have the companion designed, I want to start designing the player character.

Player Design