Week Ten

This week, not only did I complete the first level’s gameplay like I had planned to, but I also managed to finish the second level’s gameplay as well. I knew that finishing the second level wouldn’t take as long as the first, because the geometry of the levels are the same. The puzzles were also designed to be solved in two different ways for each level. So, most of the design work was already done. Even so, it didn’t take nearly as long as I had planned which means that I will have more time to playtest the levels next week. Even though creating the second level didn’t take as long as I was expecting, that’s not to say it was easy. My save manager, level manager and checkpoint scripts all needed to be updated to account for the companion no longer being available. I had written my code with this in mind, but there were still some unforeseen consequences. Triggers and checkpoint locations needed to be rethought and numerous bugs cropped up while I was creating the transition between levels. However, by the end of the week I had both levels playable from start to finish.

With the levels complete, I started to think about what the best way to playtest them would be. My plan is to be present when the game is played because I don’t think creating a web version and sending it around to people will provide me with the feedback I need. I want to gauge people’s response to the game directly and to get a sense of their ability to solve the puzzles. I’m also planning to record their reactions while playing through my laptop’s webcam.

As of writing, I now have only 25 days, including weekends, until hand in. I still have plenty left to do, but I’m still feeling optimistic about how much I can get done. Next week, I’m planning to implement controller support and to conduct playtests of the game. Hopefully I will be able to gather some useful feedback which I can then use to improve the game.

Week Eleven