Week Three

I was quite ill throughout the majority of this week, but despite not feeling great, I still managed to have a very productive week. I think I was trying to overcompensate for being sick. This is definitely not a recommended way to increase productivity, but at least I didn’t waste the week in bed.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend university which meant that I missed a talk by Carleigh Morgan about eSports and also missed the opportunity to present my work to the class on Friday. I was also supposed to record a podcast with Adam about Denizen, but thankfully that has now been rescheduled for next week. Carleigh Morgan’s talk was also recorded, so I’ll make sure to watch that when I have the time.

In regards to my work on Denizen, I’ve managed to create a new logo and find some fonts for the UI. However, the majority of my time this week was spent working on Denizen’s art style and running tests to see what the best way to create game assets from found objects was. My testing has resulted in me buying a portable photography studio that will allow me to photograph found objects in an evenly lit environment. I used the assets from these tests to create scenes in Unity and I managed to create decent looking test levels. All of this experimentation allowed me to understand what using found objects would entail. Because of my testing I feel like I now have a greater appreciation for the work load I will have to contend with in the coming weeks. This has allowed me to mentally plan ahead because now I know exactly what the process will be like.

Once I had found the best approach, I was keen to start gathering some objects. After a quick search, I found the Southampton Scrapstore, a charity that collects surplus, reject and waste materials from local businesses and allows people to buy it. I signed up for a yearly membership which allows you to buy scrap for £1 per bag. I took a visit and managed to get two bags worth of stuff to use for Denizen:

Overall, this week has been great for experimentation and I feel like my tests will prove to be hugely beneficial later on down the road. Aside from Denizen, I also managed to find two tentative subjects for my Reflective Journal essays. Next week, my plan is to begin writing my essays and to continue developing Denizen. I want to focus on character design and perhaps start on some gameplay coding.

Week Four