Week Twelve

If last week was my most productive so far on this project, this week felt like my busiest. I had planned to begin creating the audio for Denizen this week, but so much other stuff kept cropping up that I wasn’t able to even make a start. I still have ten days left until hand-in (including weekends) and I think that will be plenty of time to create the music and sound effects. Thankfully, next week I will be able to focus on audio entirely because I spent much of this week finishing almost everything else.

I began the week by conducting another playtest session with ten other people on the Games Design and Art course. I wasn’t planning to have another playtest session, I was planning to test with people external to the course on Friday during our pre-arranged external playtest. However, after making changes to the game based on the feedback from Playtest One, I felt like it was important to see if those changes had the effect I wanted on a similar group of people. Overall, the changes I made after the first playtest were successful and I think with more testing I could improve the experience even further. Unfortunately, only two people showed up to the external playtest which was disappointing. Even so, they had a chance to play Denizen and had nice things to say:

External Playtesters

In March, we were tasked with gathering footage for a documentary about our games. Up until this week I hadn’t had the time to create any footage because I was so busy creating the game itself. On Thursday I was scheduled to be interviewed for the film which was also the deadline for submitting my footage. With this deadline approaching I decided not to work on audio for Denizen but to create footage for the documentary instead. Perhaps I could’ve begun work on the audio but I felt like it’s not really something interesting to film. Instead, I decided to create my NPC characters and film the entire process. I also recorded myself playing some music and recorded some gameplay footage featuring the new NPC designs. I wasn’t sure that I had provided enough footage for the documentary, but they seemed enthusiastic about the game and what I had provided for them. I feel like my interview went quite well, even though I was a little bit nervous. I feel like I represented myself and the course well and didn’t ramble too much.

Next week, I will be working on sound design for Denizen, this will definitely be happening! I have just realised that I have been forgetting to time myself during the week. However, I no longer feel like it’s necessary because I don’t feel like I’m not working hard enough and I’m feeling more positive in general about how I’m allocating my time.

Week Thirteen